Upload your menu.bin file from the sd2snes folder:
(Only supports certain recent firmware, but might work in older versions)

Upload an image (256x56):

Anti-alias Text?
- Selection Highlight Color
- Selection Selected Color
- White Text Color (Used by files)
- Yellow Text Color (Used by folders)
- Green Text Color (used by BS-X time)
- Blue Text Color (Used by menu)
- Red Text Color
- Gray Text Color (Used by unfocused menu)
- Orange Text Color
- Background Gradient Color (Top)
- Background Gradient Color (Bottom)
- Background Gradient Size
- Background Gradient Offset
Manual background edit mode

Export: Image | Text Colors | Background | Selector Colors

Here are some menus people have made. Send me yours on Twitter @Dotsarecool and I'll add it to the album.
Last updated December 18, 2018 - v1.9.0